HR will never be strategic (read the blog) until HR professionals learn to think strategically based on job experience or experiential learning.

The best way to deliver experiential learning is through business simulation using gamification techniques.

Technology alone will not be the solution: It must be a combination of technology to deliver the right data and HR business experience, or learning, to deliver the right outcome, gain management trust and take a seat at the executive table.

HR Strategizer contributes to the learning process through the Blockchain Challenge


Register your Interest to Participate

Competitive Edge Technology, global leaders in HR Blockchain technology, are inviting expressions of interest from HR professionals to participate in their HR Strategizer Blockchain Challenge event scheduled for later in 2018. Please contact game master@hrstrategizer.com to register your interest.

The Blockchain Challenge

The HR Strategizer HR business simulation game is the first game of its type to use Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide an incentive for HR professionals to participate. The HR Strategizer game will use cryptocurrency for the winning prize and the cost of participation in the game. Participation may be as (a) First-Up Player or (b) Buy-In Speculator.

  1. The First-Up Player registers to play and is allocated a Node. All input is recorded against that Node. The Node is transferable at any stage during the game.
  2. A Buy-In Speculator may purchase a Node at any time from the First-Up Player or another Buy-In Speculator at whatever price the market sets.

The Prize

There will be ONE prize awarded to the player holding the winning Node after five rounds of competition. The prize may be shared amongst other players if more than one finish with the same financial result.

Progress will be published after every round to allow the speculator market to operate.

The prize money pool will start at 1,000 StratCoin and increase by 1 StratCoin for every First-Up Player registered over 1,000. No maximum will apply.

The owner(s) of the winning Node(s) at the completion of the game is the only person eligible to collect the prize.

StratCoin Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency used for the game will be StratCoin. The amount of StratCoin “minted” for the game will be published prior to the commencement.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) StratCoin information can be obtained from the Game Master. The purchase value of one StratCoin will be advised prior to the commencement of the game.

NOTE: The use of cryptocurrency for the HR Strategizer Blockchain Challenge will be subject to legal approval and adherence with best practice. The cryptocurrency, itself, is not intended for use as a speculative investment: it is solely for the purpose of this game and is intended to be redeemable at the same rate applying at the time of purchase. It is to be used to facilitate the exchange of Nodes during the period of the HR Strategizer Blockchain Challenge game.

Cost of First-Up Participation

The cost of entry for First-Up Players is 10 StratCoin.

The player, or team, owning a Node will receive the Security Key to a Node to be used for secure access to HR Strategizer game. Ownership of the Node and Security Key is transferable. All transactions are recorded using Blockchain smart contracts, immutable and consensus features. Transactions are governed by Blockchain and do not involve the Game master.

Buy-In Speculator Cost

Speculators may purchase (using StratCoin) a Node from a participant at any time during the game. The value of a Node will be influenced by the amount of the prize, the likelihood of winning, and the current position of the Node owner on the competition table, at a point in time. The new owner of the Node must follow game participation rules and continue to input responses for the remaining rounds in order to be eligible to collect the prize.

Only StratCoin can be used to purchase Nodes: Buy-In Speculators may purchase StratCoin from the Game Master at the initial StratCoin sale, or at any time during the game providing StratCoin is still available, to buy a Node and take over input for the remaining rounds of the game, or on-sell their investment at any time up until the conclusion of the game.

The StratCoin prize is redeemable from the Game Master at the purchase rate advised for each StratCoin, along with unused currency.