Blockchain Challenge Progress

Each team can check how their Profit and Loss Statement status compared to other teams. The HR Strategizer application has a tab to view progress (see the screen shot below). The screen shot shows the YTD (Year to Date)team comparison expressed as a dollar amount and as a percentage of revenue.














Opportunuity for Speculator Buy-In

In the example above, a speculator may decide that Player ID HR535 may have the best chance of collecting the 1,000 StarCoin prize. If there was one period to go, the specuator may value the buy-in price to be a good investment for 500 Stratcoin. The current Node owner may value the ownership and chances of winning higher and would set their price. Based on perceived value the speculator community would make their decision

Of course, there would still be one period to go and the new owner of the Node is required to input scenarion seelctions for the last round. The Node may be overtaken and neither the current owner or the speculator would collect: That is the risk for speculators.

NOTE: About the Scoring Process

The impact from players’ responses has been programmed in the HR Strategizer application to modify revenue and cost figures. Responses will have a negative or positive (reduction in costs or increase in revenue) impact throughout the cycle. For example, a decision to reduce salaries in the Issues and Scenarios section might have a reduction of 10% in Staff Costs, and that would be built in the program for two or three periods: But also, it might have a negative effect further into the budget cycle and result in loss of staff in critical areas resulting in a 3% loss of passenger revenue and that may be programmed in for the rest of the reporting periods.
Similar to the example above some responses may have an immediate negative impact but a longer term gain. That is why input is limited to the first 5 financial periods and the outcomes are cycled across the full 10 periods to realise the full financial impact of strategies.